CEA Lineshows: VooMoteOne turns your iOS device into a universal remote

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Remote controls are annoying to keep track of, we all know that. With all the other devices you might be using in your living room or bedroom it seems silly to have one thing to just turn on the TV or Blur-ray player. Vizio is solving this problem by releasing a tablet, but VooMote hopes to get rid of your remote control by making your iPhone or iPod touch your remote.

The VooMoteOne is device that connects to the bottom and back of your iPhone or iPod touch. With the device you’ll be able to control just about any TV, Blu-ray player, DVD player, or anything that uses IR in the remote. All you have to do is scan your room for devices to control, and set them up as part of the VooMote app.

In the app you can customize your virtual remote any way you wish, moving around buttons to several screens in whatever order you want. The app will break down those remotes into rooms so you don’t have to worry about which TV is which, you just put it into the correct room and it’ll work. There’s also an option to create a “One View” which will combine the functionality of multiple devices into one remote, which should be great for watching movies through a Blu-ray player or TV through a set-top box.

The VooMoteOne will cost $100 when it comes out within the next few months.

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