CEA Lineshows: Monster Model One speaker docks

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ClarityHD_Model One Speaker_RED

There’s no shortage of iPod and iPhone speaker docks out there, but that hasn’t stopped Monster from announcing yet another one. This iPhone/iPod dock is called the ClarityHD Model One, a high-end (read: expensive) iPod dock speaker.

This dock is actually a pair of speakers that are said to fill your room with sound from the iOS device attached to the top. Or, you could just connect any other device via line-in, as with any of iPod speaker dock.

The Model One is fairly small for something that offers “room filling sound.” It looks like something you’d place on a bookshelf somewhere. From that small box you’ll get some good sound that reach fairly far. For that experience you’ll be paying $749 for the pair of speakers, which is a bit steep. They do come in four colors, though, so at least you’ll get some customization for your money, provided you like red or yellow.

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