Motorola announces 3.1 Honeycomb update for European Xoom users

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Motorola Xoom Announcement

If you own the Motorola Xoom and live outside of the United States in Europe, then you are likely to receive the Android 3.1 update that will begin rolling out today. As with most OTA Software Updates, the Android 3.1 update will take “several weeks” to complete. The main feature being added through the Android 3.1 update is support for the SD card slot. Most devices these days comes with SD card slot support out of the box, and it is a bit unconventional for a manufacturer to have to issue a OS upgrade just to bring functionality to the SD card. However, owners of the Xoom will at least be able to expand the storage on their tablet after installing the new update. “Many other improvements” are expected to come with the update as well, but Motorola will announce each new specific feature in later “release notes” depending on which region of Europe you live in. The full message, as announced on Motorola Europe’s Facebook account, can be read below.

Motorola Europe
The 3.1 update for Motorola XOOM™ outside the U.S. has started. Owners in Europe can expect updates over the next several weeks until the roll out is complete. The 3.1 update for non-U.S. devices, in addition to many other improvements, also includes SD card activation. Release notes will be made available in each region, functionality varies by region.

Via [Motorola Europe Facebook]

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