Google launches new Chromebook Guru Program

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To jumpstart the Google Chromebook program, Google initially offered the CR-48 Chromebook to people Google felt would use it often and share their feedback with others. Even though the Chromebook has gone on sale from manufacturers such as Samsung and Acer, it looks like Google is, once again, working on a new pilot program dubbed the “Chromebook Guru Program.” Essentially, an unknown number of emails were sent to people who participated in the initial pilot program and they impressed Google by how much they information, pictures, and videos they shared regarding the CR-48 device.

With the new pilot program, Google is going to send another Chromebook (not sure if it is the CR-48 or a different Chromebook) to those who received the email in hopes that they share their thoughts “organically” through social networking, forums, and It will be interesting to see how many people received the Guru Program email and what type of Chromebook they will be receiving. If Google releases an official announcement regarding the new pilot program, we’ll keep you updated.

Via [ChromeOSsite]

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