Archos 35 Smart Home Phone and Home Connect web radio coming to your home

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Archos 35 Home Connect

It looks like Archos is diverting its product line a bit from mobile computing devices to a more “immobile” product line as it announces two new home devices – the Archos 35 Smart Home Phone and Archos Home Connect for web radio streaming. Interestingly, both home devices will be running Android OS. The Archos 35 Home Connect is actually a wireless music streaming device which will also doubles up as an alarm clock and device for getting weather, traffic and news information. You can also download Android apps to the device and make video calls as well. The device will also have access to more than 50,000 web-based radio stations which you can stream.

Archos  Smart Home Phone

The Archos 35 Smart Phone on the other hand is a combination of a DECT phone and smartphone. It uses any ADSL box or phone line and provides smartphone functionality through standard DECT protocols. Its functionality includes full WEB support. Honestly, these two home devices sound pretty interesting. But the question is – will you be interested with them? The Archos 35 Home Connect and Archos 35 Smart Home Phone are to be released sometime in September. Both devices will cost you $149.

Via [Android Central]

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