Facebook redesign has an independently scrolling News Feed

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Facebook News Feed redesign

Facebook is in the process of testing out a new design for its homepage. Inside Facebook reports the social network is experimenting with a way that will make the News Feed scroll separately from the rest of the homepage.

Right now Facebook’s homepage is split into two parts. The left pane is reserved for accessing basic functions such as messages, events and applications. The rest of the page houses the News Feed, advertisements, recommended pages and other things. In the screenshot you see to the right, you’ll notice that the right side of the page is separated with a border.

Should Facebook make this change for everyone, it will be possible to scroll down in the News Feed without affecting the rest of the page.

The basically means that you’ll have no choice but to see all the advertisements that Facebook has to offer. Developers of applications can also benefit from this because Facebook users will also see the names of those applications on their screen at all times.

Via [Inside Facebook]

Image Credit: Inside Facebook

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