Netflix adds a video quality option to manage bandwidth

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Netflix streaming

Netflix is extremely popular in the United States. Perhaps you’ve heard about how much downstream traffic Netflix accounts for during peak hours? Spending hours looking at movies and television programs through Netflix is extremely convenient, but it can also wreak havoc on users with ISP-provided bandwidth caps. That’s why Netflix has added an option that lets you adjust its video quality.

Bandwidth consumption increases as video quality increases. Therefore if you’ve been coming perilously close to maxing out your limited bandwidth due to high definition Netflix content, you can free up some bandwidth by choosing to watch videos without so much resolution.

The option can be found in your account page on Netflix’s website. Netflix breaks down bandwidth consumption under three options.

  • Good quality – up to 0.3GB per hour
  • Better quality – up to 0.7GB per hour
  • Best quality – up to 1GB per hour, or up to 2.3GB per hour for HD

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