Gadgetell Review: PolarPillow keeps it cool

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Technologically advanced PolarPillow keeps hot heads cool

What: PolarPillow cooling pillow
How much: $99
Verdict: 4/5. If you run hot, this is your pillow. Folks who sleep with arms under the pillow need not apply.

What to get for the guy or gal that has everything? Answer: the technologically advanced, endothermic gel stuffed PolarPillow. This pillow is engineered to provide heat dissipation while providing the user a restful night sleep. Skeptical? So was I.

There’s nothing like tossing a pillow around trying to find the coolest part. If you ever tried that, than you’ll want to check out this pillow. Here’s my experience.

The UPS guy asked if I wanted him to spot me as he handed me the box. This pillow is hefty; hefty as in you’ll win every pillow fight you encounter swinging this thing around. The gel is not light apparently.

No worries, I figured and stuffed the pillow into my pillow case. In as few as 7 seconds (I counted), I began to feel the cooling action. Hey! This thing was really working.

And it kept working. Night after night, I found I was awaking less in the middle of the night to flop the pillow around. The late spring heat and humidity were doing their best to challenge the gel but to no avail.

I did run into a problem though. It seems I sleep with an arm under my pillow occasionally. The resulted in a numb arm in the morning as my circulation was no match for the hefty pillow. It’s an odd complaint that I suspect wouldn’t give most folks pause.

The pillow itself is slightly undersized, but given the weight of the gel and no longer needing to find the cool spot, a smaller pillow works and the size never bothered me.

Overall, I am very impressed with the PolarPillow. After being skeptical that such a thing exists, a cooling pillow is not only possible, it’s here.

Product page: [Polar-Pillow]

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