Put Android in your house: Archos 3s Smart home Phone

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Archos 3s smart home phone puts an Android phone in your landline home phoneThe lowly landline as been the victim of smartphone proliferation. It’s seen the simple mobile phone rise from a simple flip phone with retractable antenna to today’s fancy smartphone. Now, Archos is providing the landlines ace in the hole: an Android based home phone.

Perhaps the best feature of the phone, it can sync your contacts. Besides that handy feature, the 3s Smart Home Phone can replicate the mobile phone experience for your landline, things like: download MP3 ringtones, use photos to show you who is calling, video calling and more. The unit features a 720p HD webcam.

Because it’s hooked into the Android Market, gaming is on! As are the plethora of apps that can turn this home phone into something you actually want, not find ways to drop it. From checking email to surfing the web to a quick round of Angry Birds, this landline phone’s got game.

Look for the 3sSmart Home Phone this September for $159.

Product page: [Archos]

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