Lodsys accuses more Android developers of patent infringement

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Star Traders RPG

Lodsys is not letting up with its constant threat of lawsuits. Lodsys has been targeting developers of both Android and iOS apps for allegedly infringing on a patent it claims to own involving in-app purchases. The latest recipients of Lodsys’ wrath are the developers of Star Traders RPG and Age of Conquest.

Lodsys’ constant nagging of developers seems to be limited to those who are too small to wage a significant legal battle. Apple has stood up to Lodsys in the past and essentially told them to back off. Google has yet to step in on behalf of Android developers.

Lodsys is what many people call a “patent troll.” This means a company or person will have a patent on file for a service or technology with the hopes that it will catch on en mass. At that point, the patent holder engages in lawsuits or tries to get a cut of the profits made from its patent.

Patent trolls don’t come off as seasoned professional. They’re more of a nuisance with no real direction. For example, the developers of Star Traders RPG received a notice from Lodsys accusing them of patent infringement. Lodsys later contacted Cory Trese, the game’s developer, and told him the package was sent by mistake.

Lodsys isn’t likely to stop this kind of behavior anytime soon. We’ll be reporting on more stories like this unless a higher authority forces Lodsys to cease in desist.

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