Fring brings four-way video chat to the iPad

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Fring for iPad

For the past few months those with an iPhone and iPod touch have been able to use four-way video chat with Fring. Of course iPad 2 users could get in on the fun as well, but only if they wanted to deal with the pixel doubling. Well, iPad 2 owners now have the chance to use Fring four-way chat natively.

Today Fring updated it’s iOS app to include a fully featured iPad optimized version. That means iPad 2 owners will be able to use the aforementioned four-way chat in a layout that makes sense for the iOS tablet. It also means that iPad users will get access to Fring IM and FringOut voice calls. So the app will even be useful to iPad 1 owners who want to use their tablets to make phone calls, at least until the Skype app comes out.

As with the iPhone and iPod touch, the iPad 2 can make video calls over WiFi, 3G, or 4G. Basically if your iPad 2 is connected to the Internet in some way you can use Fring video chat, though be warned that it will take up a bit fo your 3G data plan, and it may be a bit slow depending on where you are. So, if you’ve been dying to video chat with friends and family outside your WiFi network, or in more than a one-to-one manner, head over to the App Store and get Fring. The app is free, with FringOut calling costing a minimum or $9.99 in the app.

Via [App Store] and [Gizmodo]

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