MoviePass brings monthly subscriptions to theater goers

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We’re getting used to the idea of paying for monthly subscriptions for media we enjoy on a daily basis. Netflix is the obvious choice, but music services such as Slacker Radio and Rdio are also seeing increased membership as time goes on. Services such as these may not have seemed realistic a decade ago, but now it’s hard to image how we ever got along without them. MoviePass is using that same method, but is applying it to movies that are still in theaters.

MoviePass is starting its operations in San Francisco before spreading its influence across the United States this fall. Here’s how it works. For $50 a month, buyers have nearly unlimited access to movies at certain theaters.

It’s not a free pass to any movie at any time. You can’t see more than one movie in a day, you can’t see the same movie twice, and 3D or IMAX movies will cost an extra $3. Oh, and you still have to order the movie ticket through a partner site in order to get a special code. You then have to take that code to the theater to get the real ticket.

If $50 is too steep, MoviePass also has a $30 a month subscription plan that covers four movies per month.

MoviePass has a good idea going for it, but $50 may be too steep for some. In my area, some theaters charge only $5 for a ticket during matinee hours. I suppose if you’re really that into seeing movies during primetime hours, MoviePass is a definite money saver.

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