Samsung may be licensing webOS

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Come to think of it, despite some galant efforts from the webOS camp to make some stride for their smartphone OS, there’s something about it that keeps from springing up. Some folks are saying that it could be the device which runs webOS which maybe causing this problem. Is it time for webOS to give other smartphone manufacturers the license to use the OS? And who will be the most likely candidate to take on webOS in their smartphones. Samsung, perhaps?

Well actually, according to HP CEO Leo Apotheker, they are already in talks with interested companies who want to license webOS. Although Mr. Apotheker declined to give specific time-frame as to when this will happen, some people with knowledge of the discussions confirmed that HP and Samsung are already in talks for this possibility. Mr. Apotheker again declined to give comments about said talks.

But then the question is, is Samsung the right partner that HP should have? Is the company beset by its own legal hurdle against Apple? Another question that is coming out is the possibility that Google may restrict modifications for phones that used Android. If that’s the case, will Samsung manufacture new smartphones just for the sake of using webOS? So many questions and yet we could only wait before we get the final aswers.

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