Picasa users get more storage if they use Google+

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Google Plus photo upload

Like I said, those who got the Google+ invites are very lucky people indeed. Not only will they be able to enjoy this cool social networking service ahead of us but they will also get to enjoy more storage for their Picase accounts. So how is that possible considering that Picasa accounts offer up to 1GB of storage only? Well according to Picasa Web’s help center, photos with up to 2048×2048 pixels and up to 15 minutes of videos will not count towards your free storage. Now for those who have tried uploading photos using Google+, you might have noticed that Google+ automatically resizes your photos to 2048 pixels on their longest edge. So this means that these photos don’t count up to your 1GB of free storage in Picasa Web Albums.

Sounds like a pretty cool incentive to use Google+, right? I told you, early users of Google+ are indeed lucky people. While they can enjoy these perks now with their Picasa Web Albums, those of us who still don’t have invites to Google+ are still bounded by 1GB storage limit of Picasa Web Albums. To heighten our anticipation of our Google+ invites some more, we’ve heard that the photo upload interface of Google+ is pretty cool and it even upload photos you’ve take using your Android phone automatically to Google+. It will also allow you to add captions, name tags and rotate your photos as well as apply different filters using the built-in image editor of Google+. Alright, alright. Enough Google+ talks. We’ll wait patiently for our invites now.

Via [GoogleSystem]

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