T-Mobile making changes to Even More, Even More Plus plans

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T-Mobile is allegedly making some big changes to its current rate plans. According to Tmo News, the Even More and Even More Plus plans will be no more starting at the end of July. T-Mobile is rebranding Even More as “Classic” and replacing Even More Plus with “Value” plans. It seems simple enough, but these new rate plans are downright confusing. These changes will probably anger T-Mobile customers rather than receive their blessing.

When Even More plans get rebranded as “Classic”, T-Mobile will discontinue equipment installment plans that would occur over four or 20 months. Other than that, it seems Even More will undergo less changes than its contract-less counterpart.

Even More Plus customers will no longer have the option of paying monthly fees without contracts. The “Value” plan is designed to make non-contract customers into contract customers. The Value plan will require a two-year agreement and does not qualify customers for the subsidized price of the phone they may want. Instead, they will pay the same amount customers on a Classic plan would pay initially, plus monthly installments for 20 months.

What, wait?

I know it’s confusing. Let’s say you’re on a Value plan and you wanted a phone that is normally $100 on a two-year contract. Without a contract, that same phone is $400. Since Value customers don’t automatically get $300 knocked off the price of the phone for signing a contract, they have to make up for that $300 by paying on the phone every month in addition to the $100 fee up-front as if they were on a Classic plan. Monthly payments will range from $3 to $15. How much you’ll pay depends on the phone you pick. Smartphones such as the T-Mobile G2x will cost $15 a month, whereas the most basic phones will cost only $3 a month.

T-Mobile says a Value plan is still cheaper than the Classic plan because Value plans don’t require data service. Under the Value plan, you can get unlimited minutes and text for $49.99. Adding on 2GB of data will raise the monthly cost to $59.99. By comparison, the current Even More plan offers the same thing for $79.99 a month.

Another thing that raises eyebrows is that a new contract may be required to change the rate plans for either the Classic or the Value plans. Depending on how much time is left on the contract, you may have to pay for a migration fee that can cost up to $200.

If you’re thoroughly confused, I don’t blame you. Hopefully T-Mobile can explain things more eloquently.

Via [Tmo News]

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