Thinking of buying an Android tablet? Buyer Beware!

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Kyros Android tablets, with their tempting features and attractive price tags are increasing in popularity. If you’re tempted to pick one up, there are some things to be aware of. Stay away from no-name tablets and those from budget manufacturers like Coby. I bought a Coby Kyros tablet in January for $200. At first I loved it. It was a great tablet and did everything I wanted and needed it to, flawlessly. Then, last week I went to use it and the battery was drained. I figured I must have accidentally left it on overnight and went to plug it into the charger. Nothing happened. The battery refused to charge. I tried a reset. Nothing. Tried other compatible chargers I had. Nothing. The battery was toast. Remember now, I had only had the thing for 5 months. It was treated with kid gloves and had worked perfectly the night before. I promptly contacted Coby’s tech support. Three days later I got a response informing me it wasn’t their problem since they only offered a 90 day warranty. “Go fix it at your own expense,” the email said, “Sincerely, Coby Support.”

Nice huh? I did some research and found out there seems to be a growing number of complaints about the battery suddenly refusing to charge. Not only that but further research reveals the batteries on these tablets will only charge 300 times before they quit. Think about that. These devices display YouTube and movies just fine. They are also great for popular games like Angry Birds and for streaming music. Just how long do you think it would take someone who does one or more of these things daily? Big FAIL.

To avoid something like this happening to you, avoid no-name brands (most are made in China and sold by Chinese companies so you’ll get zero support, and some of these companies blantantly misrepresent the specs of the tablets they sell!), and brands like Coby that offer only 90 day warranties. When you spend $200 on a device it’s not unreasonable to expect it to last more than 5 months or for the company that made it to stand by their products and support them!

If you have a Android tablet and this has happened to you, please share your story with us!

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