Bell, Virgin Mobile and SaskTel Canada to offer the Samsung Galaxy S II

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Samsung Galaxy S II

It looks like Samsung’s upcoming Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S II is not going to have a problem in terms of distribution in Canada. Reports had it that three Canadian mobile carriers have announced that they will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S II. Bell Canada has already put up a product page for the said phone although no pricing details or release date were given. What’s good here is that Bell is having a random giveaway gig which will give our Canadian friends to snag 1 of 10 Galaxy S II units to be given away for free. Aside from Bell, SaskTel also announced that they will also sell the Samsung Galaxy S II. And the company already has a price tag – $79.99 with a three-year contract. Release date for Sakstel is sometime around “the coming weeks.” Lastly, Virgin Mobile also made some announcement regarding the Samsung Galaxy S II. They are now accepting pre-registration for the chance to purchase the Android phone. However, no pricing details and release dates were also given. Now, if you don’t want to get the Samsung Galaxy S II phone from any of those carriers, you might want to wait up some more. I’m pretty other Canadian carriers will be joining the party in the coming days. And if you’re having seconds thoughts as to whether you should get the Samsung Galaxy S II or not. Well, I’m telling you now – don’t hesitate. Grab this almighty Android smartphone if you can. You won’ t regret it.

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