Path brings personal photo sharing networks to Android

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Path on Android

Path, the app that let’s you share photos with up to 50 of your closest friends is finally coming to Android. The app has come to the Android Market as a public beta that anyone can use and test.

Path for Android is just like the one you’d find on iOS, it let’s you share photos with a personal network fo friends and to comment on the photos of your friends. You’ll also be given the ability to talk about the photos with the Chat feature in the app. Or, if you feel the need to share your photos with more than just your friends that use Path, you can upload them to Facebook. So, it’s just like the iOS version, but has the potential to be buggy, and can work on a wide variety of phones.

With Path on Android it becomes a bit more plausible for everyday use. It’s a good idea for those who want to privately share photos, and making it available on the two most popular platforms is important. Personally this could make the app a bit more useful as I’m one of only a few iPhone users among a group of mostly Android users. Sure, you still need to convince your friends to use Path instead of Facebook or Instagram, but it might be easier now. Now if only Instagram would come to Android as well.

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