Google+ for Android gets updated, now lets you choose from multiple Gmail accounts

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Google+ Android app

Google+ is still a work in progress and Google is making the necessary adjustments that are required to make its service top notch. For those who have Android devices, Google has placed a Google+ application in the Android Market. The app includes basic Google+ functions such as the stream, viewing your profile, viewing photos, managing circles and the group messaging feature called Huddle. Today, Google added a few new additions to the app.

The first change is a new profile icon on the menu screen. If you have a picture for your Google+ account, it will show up inside the profile circle.

The second addition is the ability to choose from more than one Gmail account when you first sign on.

When the Google+ app first launched, there was a bug that only recognized a single Gmail account. If you had more than one account, Google would only let you sign in to the Google+ account that came first in alphabetical order. There was a workaround, but that doesn’t seem to be necessary anymore.

Last but not least, Google cleaned things up a bit.

The Google+ application is off to a good start. Let’s see if the service itself takes off in the coming weeks and months.

Download Link [Android Market]

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