MoviePass gets shut down for now

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MoviePass was set to be a service that was being described as the Netflix for movie theaters. For $50 a month, subscribers would have ben able to see as many theater movies as they wanted. There were some restrictions, but the value for customers was most certainly there. The service was scheduled to debut in San Francisco before spreading out to the rest of the United States by the fall. However, MoviePass was not well received by the theaters and was subsequently shuttered.

According to Variety, movies chains such AMC and Landmark claim no one from MoviePass approached them for permission to offer such a service. They all had no interest in going along with MoviePass’ plans.

“As MoviePass is currently designed, it does not integrate well into our programs and could create significant guest experience issues,” said AMC marketing officer Stephen Colanero.

Some theaters put plans in place to deal with customers who were expecting to see movies based on promises MoviePass made. Some theaters would have allowed customers to see the films, while other theaters would have not admitted MoviePass customers.

For now, MoviePass will step back and see what agreements can be made between itself and theater chains in the country.

Via [Variety]

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