Samsung has sold 3M Galaxy S II in 55 days, most of them in Europe

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Samsung Galaxy S II

The Samsung Galaxy S II is yet to hit the U.S. market and yet it has already reach the 3 million units sold mark with only 55 days of availability in other countries. According to reports, most of these sales came from the European market. It also adds up the sales from Korea as well as in other Asian countries. Also, the report mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy S II could be selling at the rate of one every 1.5 seconds. Sweet!

With these figures, Samsung is now aiming to reach the 10 million mark sooner than the original Samsung Galaxy S did. That’s not considering the US release sooner or later. As it is right now, there’s no official word yet whether the Samsung Galaxy S II will be hitting the US market anytime this summer. Unlike its predecessor, Samsung is facing some issues into bringing the Galaxy S II in the U.S, primarily due to the iPhone’s availability with other carriers such as Verizon. There are also talks that Sprint and T-Mobile maybe carrying the iPhone soon. And of course, Apple still has some legal issues thrown against Samsung which was recently expanded with Apple asking the possibly ban of selling the Galaxy S II in the US

Hopefully, this issue is resolved in due time. US smartphone users deserve to have one of the best Android phones released so far. It would be a loss for the US smartphone market if the Samsung Galaxy S II is not officially released.

Via [Electronista]

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