Robert’s Top Five Gadgets/Apps

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Robert's Top Five Gadgets/Apps

As you have likely seen through the day, we here at Gadgetell have been sharing our top five gadgets (and apps) today. And low and behold, it looks like its my time to share. Anyway, while I often think about and dream about gadgets, not to mention constantly write about the latest and greatest that are coming available — my list looks rather bland and includes what I would describe as a common phone, an older tablet, small set top box, an older desktop computer (and laptop that I got for free) and my Verizon FiOS router. Yup, I do count the router that I rent from Verizon each month as one of my favorites. Why you ask, well, read on…

iPhone 4: While I have used numerous phones over the past few years (and currently own three including an older Android handset and Pre Plus), the iPhone is the one that keeps bringing me back. I did try and get away, in fact I did not get an iPhone 4 when it came out with AT&T. Instead I cancelled my AT&T service, switched to Verizon and played with other phones — of course, I was won back to the world of Apple and iOS when Verizon began offering the iPhone. Needless to say, while I like Android, webOS and even Windows Phone — iOS is what does it best for me in terms of a phone. Sad to admit, but my phone is rarely out of my site and gets used for music (Slacker), Podcasts (Podcaster), Email (Mail) and Text Messaging (Google Voice) as well as to track my runs (Runkeeper), Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Evernote, Kindle, Instapaper, playing games, managing my schedule (Pocket Informant) and taking pictures (Camera and Instagram). Plus, about a dozen or more apps.
Samsung Galaxy Tab: This is a recent purchase and comes in addition to my now often unused iPad 3G (the original). The Galaxy Tab is the 7 inch model and its online with Verizon (the $20 per month 1GB plan). I picked it up from a friend of a friend who had bought it and let it go unused. Needless to say, it came to me as a deal that I could not pass up. But with that, I had been curious about having a 7 inch tablet for a while. And that being said, in the roughly two months that I have had the Galaxy Tab, my iPad 3G has been neglected. Lets just say this, while the iPad offers a better user experience (in my personal opinion), the size of the Galaxy Tab makes it that much more portable and therefor tends to go with me when I venture out. Plus, for something like reading (Kindle app) its a bit lighter and more confortable in hand. Of course, I miss not having a few things such as a Netflix and Hulu Plus app. But its not about what is not there, its about what it.
Roku: I had an original Roku set-top box, I picked it up back in May of 2008 and often complained about it. Well, more specifically, I complained about Netflix and lack of available movies, not so much the Roku itself. That said, I powered through the times of slim pickings for Netflix Watch Instantly and eventually upgraded my Roku to one of the newer models, I am currently using the middle of the line Roku XD. Basically, we often watch Netflix in my house and this Roku will soon be joined by another in the bedroom.
iMac and Cr-48: While technically two items here, the long and short of this one is that the ‘computer’ itself is the actual gadget. In my case, that happens to be two. The Cr-48 replaced an older MacBook that I had (it was passed on to another member of the family). And yes, I like Chrome OS, actually I really like Chrome OS. The Cr-48 works well for my needs and I could not be happier that I was one of the lucky ones that received one from Google. In terms of the iMac, this one is an older model, its sporting a 24 inch display, 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive and running OS X 10.6.7. I picked this one up in 2007 and while it would be nice to have a newer model — this one works well for my needs. And despite being several years old now, it probably still has way more power than I need. In fact, I will probably hang on to this one until the day it stops working or the day when I can no longer upgrade to the latest version of OS X.
The Internet: Yup, I said it — the Internet. I love the internet. And judging from how you are reading a gadget blog, I am likely to believe that you feel the same. Anyway, I have a smartphone connection, a tablet connection, a home connection and even a Mobile Hotspot connection for when I venture out with the Cr-48. in short, the internet is a constant in my life and one that allows me to work from home and do what I do — write about gadgets, which more important — gives me a flexible schedule and allows me to have more time with my wife and kids. Speaking of which, they are calling so its my time to go.

Im summary, this just goes to show that sometimes the latest and greatest may not be the best option. Heck, some of my gadgets are rather old at this point, but the key is — they do the job I need them to do. Bottom line, be happy with what works best for you and do not try and always have the latest or greatest. And in the meantime, try and not blow up your hand (or other body part) while you finish celebrating Independence Day.

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