HTC Flyer plus stylus through Best Buy is now $499

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HTC Flyer at Best Buy

One of the great features about the HTC Flyer is the fact that it can work with a stylus to essentially draw free-hand pictures or notes on the screen. In addition, the stylus allows the user to highlight text, which can then be easily copied and pasted to a different document. The device comes with great Evernote integration allowing for seamless note sharing across many different Internet enabled devices. The stylus is priced at $80, and Best Buy used to charge HTC Flyer owners separately for the stylus. So, in the past you would pay $499 for the tablet plus $80 for the stylus, but now they have changed it to one bundle for $499.

By adding the stylus free of charge with every purchase of the HTC Flyer, owners will now get the true experience HTC intended. The Flyer even includes a dedicated button to bring up pen options to change the color, width, and to undo or redo. If you prefer a 4G rendition of the Flyer, Sprint has you covered as it offers the HTC EVO View 4G on contract and that includes the stylus for free as well.

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