New website lets you transfer Facebook photos to Picasa

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Jumping the ship from Facebook to Google+ has just gotten easier. There is a new site called Move2Picasa that makes moving photos from Facebook to Picasa a painless experience. All you have to do is sign in to the website using your Facebook credentials and wait while every photo you have is transferred.

At this time, there is no way to filter which photos will be taken from Facebook. Move2Picasa takes every photo you have, so it could take awhile if you have a ton of photos.

You may be wondering why this is so interesting. Well, photos that are stored in Picasa can be shared on Google+ with relative ease. You can also choose to share those photos with select people in your Circles. It’s just another way for individuals to make the switch to Google+ without worrying about leaving behind a lot of media stored on Facebook.

This isn’t the first Facebook-to-Google tool that has drawn attention. Facebook Friend Exporter allowed users to export their entire Facebook friends list to Google+. It didn’t allow those friends to access Google+, but it did provide an easy way to add those friends into circles for if and when they do become Google+ users.

Facebook then took charge by rendering Facebook Friend Exporter ineffective by removing the email addresses of the friends that are exported. The developer of Facebook Friend Exporter is currently working on a new version of the tool.

As Move2Picasa picks up steam, we’ll see if Facebook takes any action against it.

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