The “something awesome” from Facebook is Skype video chat

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Facebook had their big announcement today and their “something awesome” arrived as many had expected — they announced Skype powered video chat. And while many in the tech world will make the comparison to Hangouts on Google+, I would go as far as saying that many who are not in the tech world will be a bit more excited about having Skype on Facebook for the simple reason that those users are already on Facebook and are already signed up. In other words, there is nothing left to do but make a call.

That being said, the video calling is going to be rolled out to “everyone over the next few weeks” but in the meantime, you can make a call as of now (regardless of whether or not your Facebook profile says you can. If you want to make a call today, you can head on over to the website and click the “get started” button. And for those looking to check to see if their account has been enabled, just look for a video call button on the top of your chat window.

Via [Facebook Blog]

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