Apple preparing to fix recent security holes on iPhone and iPad, will also block

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Apple iOS security hole

If you think that Apple is just going to take the recent comeback of without doing anything, well we might be all wrong. The Associated Press ran a report confirming that Apple is currently fixing a security hole in the software of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which was apparently brought to Apple’s attention by a German agency. Although the agency did not specifically mention the security hole as allowing owners to jailbreak their devices. According to Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security, said security hole is brought up by an infected PDF file which when clicked will infect iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch with malware. An Apple Inc. spokeswoman named Bethan Lloyd confirmed that Apple is aware of this issue and is developing a fix that will be available to users via software update soon. So take this as Apple’s way of plugging that hole to prevent more iOS devices from getting jailbroken.

Via [Associated Press]

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