YouTube shows off redesigned site referred to as Cosmic Panda

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Cosmic Panda

Are you tired of the same old YouTube interface? Has Google spoiled you with its sudden page redesigns? If so, you may want to check out one of YouTube’s latest experiments called Cosmic Panda. Activating Cosmic Panda from YouTube will result in a completely new YouTube experience. Don’t worry, you can switch back to classic YouTube if you don’t like it.

Cosmic Panda makes YouTube’s design cleaner and adheres to a more modern web design. Channels have been changed so that they follow one of four templates. They are called blogger, creator, network and everything. Each template slightly changes the channel. For example, playlists can be scrolled from left to right below the main video that’s currently playing. There are also arrows to the left and right of the video that will play the previous, or next video in the playlist.

You can also visit the YouTube channel from which the video you’re watching originated while the video is still playing. It will be minimized on the top left of the screen.

To me, this is a nice change from what YouTube has been for what seems to be the longest time. Everything seems simpler, bigger and easier to navigate. Come to think of it, it sort of looks like Hulu’s interface due to the dark gray background.

YouTube will be making changes to Cosmic Panda over time. Things are looking up so far.

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