Twitter’s Promoted Tweets to Followers doesn’t sound so bad

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In late June, reports surfaced about Twitters upcoming attempt to boost revenue. The solution was ads, but not just any ads. These advertisements will shuffle their way into your Twitter feed. I know a lot of you hate the idea of ads in your feed, especially since you have to deal with spam tweets already. But the new Twitter Promoted Tweets to Followers initiative won’t be as intrusive as you may think.

You’re not going to get bombarded with ads from companies you care nothing about. You’ll only get ads from companies you follow. According to All Things D, Twitter wants ad companies to be careful about the number of ad tweets it sends. Twitter wants to get the balance just right so it won’t cause an outrage like it did with the QuickBar.

The promoted tweets will only show up at the top of your timeline when you log into Twitter’s website. As more tweets come in, the ad will be pushed to the bottom of the timeline. In the beginning, these promoted tweets will only appear on Those of us who are using Twitter apps and the like will not see these ads for now.

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