The Washington Post Jobs site hacked

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Washington Post

What’s this? Another hacking story? Surely you didn’t think the fun would be over so quickly did you? One of the latest victims of the great hacking craze of 2011 is the jobs website for The Washington Post. At this time, it isn’t known who is behind the hacks, but they did make off with a bunch of email addresses.

The Washington Post estimates that hacker(s) made off with around 1.27 million user IDs and email addresses. On the plus side, the third party did not take any passwords or other identifying information.

The attacks happened at two different times. One took place on June 27 and the other occurred on June 28.

Anyone who has been affected by this will probably get a lot more spam email than usual. Spam filters usually do the trick, but some stray emails may make their way to the main inbox. Overall, anyone who had an account on the job page of The Washington Post are asked to be very cautious when opening or responding to suspicious emails.

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