Philadelphia newspaper publisher will create Android tablets to aid business

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A lot of magazines and newspapers are offering digital subscriptions to make up for money that is lost on physical sales. You can download these applications on just about any tablet running Android and iOS. But there’s one thing we haven’t really seen before. There hasn’t been a case of a local newspaper publisher selling tablets with digital versions of its newspapers built right in. That’s exactly what Philadelphia Media Network is doing.

The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News will be shipped on new Android-powered tablets starting in mid-August. According to Adweek, there will be around 2,000 tablets released as part of a pilot program before more are shipped out for the remainder of 2011.

There are no details on the specifications of the tablets, but it will have icons on the home screen that direct to the two newspapers and The tablets will have on-screen advertisements as well.

The money made from the subscriptions will go back to the newspapers along with customer data that will give an insight as to what parts of the digital newspaper are being frequented most by readers.

Pricing is still in the air, but the tablet and newspaper subscriptions are expected to be sold significantly cheaper than what’s currently available. There are also plans to release tablets with content tailored specifically for different audiences.

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