South Korean consumers can shop for groceries using QR codes

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Tesco QR Code

Shopping for groceries is not always a great experience. We have to deal with crowds, long lines and tedious the process of taking all that food into that house. Love it or hate it, technology has a way of making us lazy. It also can make everyday tasks much more convenient. Take Tesco customers in South Korea for example. Tesco has created a way for them to buy groceries without needing to visit the store.

Tesco plastered the walls of a South Korean subway with photos of grocery items they would find in its stores. The items have QR codes printed next them that shoppers can scan with their phones. Scanning those codes will add the items to a virtual shopping cart and purchased on the spot. The best part is that the items are delivered to homes the very same day.

This a great way for Tesco to continue selling products even when customers are too busy to physically go to stores. They’re just standing around waiting for the train anyway, why not get some shopping done?

The only problem I would have is ordering fruits and vegetables in this manner. Someone could pick out a bag of apples for you that aren’t up to your standards. Other than those kinds of situations, ordering a small amount of items using QR codes sounds pretty cool.

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