Spotify tipped to launch as an invitation only service [Things we believe will happen]

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Another little bit of Spotify related chatter. This latest is dealing with a report that suggests the service will launch as invitation only when it finally comes available here in the US. And well, while we have nothing concrete to prove that theory, here is why we believe it to be accurate. First, the obvious, Spotify posted about the upcoming US launch on their website a few days back and did so with an orange box which asked for your email address so you could get an invitation and “be one of the first to get Spotify.” To us here in the Gadgetell offices, that looks like an invitation will be required, at least for a little while anyway. But to add to that, yesterdays news about how Sonos would offer Spotify support from day one, well, that came with the information of how there would be a “pre-paid code” that would allow a Sonos user to use Spotify “on the day it launches in the US.” Bottom line, if you are in the US and itching to use Spotify, we would suggest heading over to the website and parting with your email address.

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