Rumor: Netflix will raise its prices [Update]

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As far as rumors go, you can take this one with as much salt as you’d like. Yesterday we told you about a new $7.99 Netflix subscription that offers unlimited DVD rentals for a full month. At the time, this new plan seemed reasonable. It’s the same amount Netflix charges for unlimited streaming. Today, a new rumor says Netflix will increase the monthly price for those who want to stream and rent movies at the same time.

Netflix currently charges $9.99 for unlimited rentals and streaming. Some movies and TV shows simply aren’t offered through instant streaming, so renting a physical copy is the next best thing. According to an Engadget tipster, Netflix will raise the price for the combined services to $15.98. Here’s the real kicker. The price change is expected to begin tomorrow evening with customers being alerted through email.

So how about it? Would you pay an additional $6 for Netflix rental DVDs and streaming service? Or will you just stick with streaming from now on?

Update: Netflix has confirmed the price increase. Netflix will separate its unlimited DVD rentals and unlimited streaming plans. They will cost $7.99 each, which comes out to $15.98 a month. Existing Netflix subscribers will see the price change on their monthly bill starting on September 1. New subscribers will automatically be charged the new prices.

Via [Engadget] Via [Netflix]

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