Crossrider brings your Facebook feed into Google+, proceed with caution

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There are a few third-party downloads that have been released to ease the hassle of migrating from Facebook to Google+. Facebook Friend Exporter handled the task of moving all your contact’s emails en masse, Move2Picasa moves all your Facebook photos to Picasa and Crossrider is capable of bringing your Facebook News Feed right into Google+.

Crossrider is a third-party application that adds a Facebook icon to the left of the Home icon. Clicking this icon will pull down the user’s entire Facebook News Feed. It looks exactly like the Facebook homepage.

That’s the cool part about this app. However, we can’t encourage you to download and install Crossrider without giving you a fair warning.

Crossrider requires you to give it permission to access “your data on all websites, your tabs and browsing activity [and] your list of installed apps, extensions, and themes.”

Those permissions sound a little too extreme for my tastes.

There are also concerns that were brought up by a Reddit user. They claim that Crossrider has a bunch of security vulnerabilities. They also accuse the developer of having far too much control over users who download Crossrider. They claim a certain file could be changed that will allow Crossrider’s developers to start “data mining” at will.

That’s just one of the concerns that were brought up. We strongly recommend you think twice before installing this app.

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