Microsoft planning 75 retail store expansion. Is one coming to your town?

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Microsoft planning 75 store expansion, is one coming to your town?

Over the next three years, Microsoft has said they will go from the 11 stores they currently have to 86. Originally built to compete with the successful Apple stores, Microsoft is more than doubling down, the company is committing to putting boots all over the US, but focused primarily on the Northeast, Florida, California and Texas. The company has not disclosed plans to build stores outside the US.

The news came from COO Kevin Turner during Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference. Turner’s agenda was to fire up Microsofts key partners and get them excited about the new things Microsoft is doing to keep relevant. Honing in Apple’s success in retail looks to be one of those items.

Turner explained to the crowd that by listening to the folks who visit their retail locations, the company will be able to capitalize on meeting consumer needs.

Microsoft refused to provide further details.

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