T-Mobile increasing Pay As You Go text messaging and RPF fees

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T-Mobile is already making changes to its Even More and Even More Plus plans at the end of July, but the fun doesn’t stop there. The carrier is increasing the prices Pay As You Go customers incur for receiving text messages, and is raising its Regulatory Programs Fee beginning mid-August.

The RPF is described by T-Mobile as “a fee we collect and retain to help us recover the costs associated with funding and complying with a variety of government mandates, programs, and obligations, such as enhanced 911 programs, number portability, and governmental requirements concerning the construction and operation of our network.”

That fee is getting a modest increase from $1.41 a month to $1.61 per month for every line on an account. 20 extra cents isn’t a big deal, but T-Mobile’s price increase for Pay As You Go text messages is another story.

Starting in the middle of August, the price for receiving text messages will increase from five cents to 10 cents for Pay As You Go customers. Sending text messages will continue to cost 10 cents.

The prices for MMS messages have not changed.

Customers have already been notified of the upcoming change. They are encouraged to subscribe to T-Mobile’s unlimited texting plan for $15 a month instead.

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