INQ Cloud Touch now in Canada, exclusively on Telus

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INQ Cloud Touch

Looking for a Facebook-focused phone without the physical keyboard of the HTC ChaCha/Status? If you live in Canada Telus has you covered on that front. Telus is now carrying the INQ Cloud Touch, and Android-powered, Facebook-centric smartphone.

Starting right now you can buy the INQ Cloud Touch on Telus either on or off contract. As you can see from the image above, the Android phone is heavily skinned to give you quick access to every feature of Facebook. It’s the closest thing to an official Facebook phone as you can get at the moment. In terms of Android phones, it’s pretty gimped, with a 3.5-inch 320×480 display running Android 2.2. The INQ Cloud Touch doesn’t have access to Telu mobile radio or Telus mobile music, but the UK version has a built-in Spotify app, which could be useful if the service ever launches in Canada, or for US users that might want to import the phone.

The INQ Cloud Touch starts at $29.99 for a three year contract, and maxes out at $229.99 without a contract (all prices Canadian, obviously). That’s not too bad, though the price jumps to $129.99 for two years and $179.99 for one year. This could be a perfect phone for a teenager, or just anyone that’s constantly connected to Facebook.

Via [Telus]

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