SwiftKey X keyboard app rocks its way to Android phones and tablets

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SwiftKey Tablet X

After being in exlusive beta testing mode for quite some time now, TouchType has finally released the final, commercial version of their cool keyboard app replacement for Android phones and tablets. SwiftKey X Phone and SwiftKey X Tablet are both available now from the Android Market. Take note, those are two separate apps so if you got both Android tablet and phones and you want to use this keyboard app, you will have to pay for both apps.

Consider the price as the premium you have to pay for a keyboard app with a very good text prediction technology. Which means, that it will keep on guessing what word you want to type even before you have typed it. This app will make the typing experience on your Android phone definitely so much better. In addition, the tablet version of the app also lets you enjoy a cool split keyboard layout which is just about right on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and other bigger tablets when used in landscape mode.

Both Android keyboard apps also feature three cool themes and offer two types of typing styles – precise for the more careful typists and rapid for the faster typer. Swiftket X Phone is available for $3.99 while SwiftKey X Tablet is available for $4.99.

Via [SwiftKey X for Phones] and [SwiftKey X Tablets]

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