Dragon Go: Nuance’s new iOS voice search app

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Dragon Go

On all mobile platforms there are a variety of ways to do voice search. Android has it built in, as does Windows Phone, but iOS users have to use apps. There’s a variety of options for iOS users, and Nuance just announced a new one called Dragon Go.

The big selling point for Dragon Go is that it not only does search in a search engine, but will search in a variety of places and even open apps when it’s appropriate. Just going a simple search for a band like “Dream Theater” will bring you to a tab for Google, while saying “play Dream Theater” will open Pandora so you can listen to the music. Searching for movie reviews will open IMDB while movies ticket searches will open up the Fandango app. The app will also offer searches in Yelp, Wikipedia, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Milo, and more. Nuance claims that Dragon Go will search more than 180 options.

I’ve used Dragon Go a few times over the past day or so, and I’m fairly impressed with how well it works. I don’t have a use for all 180 search options, but the ones I do use have proven helpful. The number of options will continue to grow, and it’ll be nice if it’ll have the option of opening more apps in the future. If you’ve relied heavily on Siri on the iPhone in the past, but have grown frustrated by the lack of updates since Apple bought the company, Dragon Go might be a good alternative. At least until Apple builds voice search into iOS, that is.

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