Hotmail will make users create stronger passwords

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Over the past month or so, we’ve been bombarded with stories of hackers accessing databases and releasing personal information all over the web. Even if copious amounts of data aren’t bundled together and placed in a text document, there is still the threat of unauthorized access to email accounts. There are ways to make your email account more secure using methods such as Gmail’s 2-step verification process, but it isn’t mandatory. Hotmail has developed a new feature to aid in the battle against email hacking.

Hotmail is requiring new users to use stronger passwords that are attached to their email account. It will no longer allow the use of common passwords that a hacker can determine by guessing, or by running it against a dictionary. Hotmail describes passwords such as “123456”, “ilovecats” and “gogiants” to be a few of the passwords that won’t be acceptable.

Hotmail will soon be putting this new security feature in place for new users and those who are changing their password. Hotmail might require those who are currently using common passwords to change them, but it’s not set in stone just yet.

Via [The Windows Blog]

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