Refurbished iPhone 3GS drops to $9 with AT&T [Old iPhones being sold cheaply]

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Refurbished iPhone 3GS drops to $9 with AT&T

The iPhone 3GS is hardly the latest model at this point, however with a $9 price tag, it sort of becomes a bit more appealing. Or at the very least, a consideration. That said, AT&T is currently selling the 8GB iPhone 3GS for just $9.00 on a two-year agreement. And yes, the thought of making a two-year commitment to an already old model is a bit scary, but its $9 and still a pretty solid phone. Of course there is a catch though, the model that you are getting is refurbished. Otherwise, hey, did we mention its only $9?

Via [AT&T] and [TheMobileFanatics] and [UnwiredView]

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