Hotmail rolls out “My friend’s been hacked” feature, could be used for good or evil

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Hotmail rolls out Hotmail has recently rolled out a new, and what seems like a fairly useful feature. Yup, you read that correctly, Hotmail has a new feature — and its one that we like. This is one rather simple, its an option to mark email as “My friend’s been hacked!” This can be found in the “Mark as” drop down menu and does one simple thing — it allows you to mark something as spam or junk, but at the same time do that in a way that tells Microsoft that you believe your friends account has been compromised. Bottom line, next time you get something for Viagra (or some other strange email) and it comes from a trusted friend you now have an option as to what to do with the email aside from simply deleting it. Of course, it would also be nice to drop a line to your friend as well. But that being said, your friend will be notified because by you clicking the option for “My friend’s been hacked!” — your friends account will go into lockdown until they go through the password recovery process. That being said, lets use this for good and not to simply piss off your friends.

Via [Inside Windows Live]

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