HTC will state its case to the ITC over patent infringement

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HTC logo Following the International Trade Commission judgment that declared HTC is in violation of two patents belonging to Apple, HTC has decided fight the decision. HTC will appeal those claims in an effort to stop Apple from possibly asking for a ban of HTC Android smartphones in the United States.

According to The Wall Street Journal, HTC chief financial officer Winston Yung said he believes HTC has a strong case in its defense.

HTC claims a staff attorney at the International Trade Commission has proof that HTC did not violate Apple’s patents. If the ruling is changed in favor of HTC, Apple will not be able to request the banning of HTC Android smartphones or request royalties from HTC for using technology covered in its patents.

Speaking of royalties, HTC hasn’t made any changes concerning royalty payments. This suggests HTC is confident the ITC will agree with the findings of the staff attorney.

Via [Wall Street Journal]

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