LaCie shrinks Rugged external hard drives with Rugged Mini

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LaCie Rugged Mini

LaCie, maker of both tiny and rugged hard drives has finally decided to combine the two features into one external hard drive. That new hard drive is LaCie’s new Rugged Mini external hard drive.

The Rugged Mini is small enough to fit in your back pocket, and tough enough to not break if sat upon. The Rugged Mini can actually withstand up to 1 ton of pressure, and is shock resistant up to 1.2 meters (about four feet). It’s also rain-resistant, so no need to worry if it’s in your bag or pocket once the rain starts. The design of the Rugged Mini si very similar to other in LaCie’s Rugged line, complete with the orange rubber bumper around the sides of the device.

The Rugged Mini start at capacity of 500GB, and is also available at 750GB (7200rpm) and 1TB. The models cost $99.99, $119.99, and $159.99, respectively. The drive uses USB 3.0, for high speeds, with the speeds even faster on the 750GB model. There’s also some backup and security software ont he drives so you can get the most out of the hard drive.

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