Nokia Maps makes its way to iOS and Android

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Nokia Maps

Nokia has an alternative mapping solution for iOS and Android device owners. It has brought Nokia Maps to both platforms in the form of a HTML5 web page. So while there is no Nokia Maps native application for non-Nokia devices, you can at least get an idea of what Nokia brings to the navigation table.

Nokia Maps can be accessed by going to with either an iOS device, or an Android device that is running Android 2.2 or 2.3.

Nokia Maps for the mobile web still in beta, so there are some features that are still being implemented. For now, you can search for a location, get directions, call businesses from the web page, learn public transportation routes and share locations through Facebook, Twitter, email or text message.

At this time, I wouldn’t trade something like Google Maps for Nokia Maps for mobile devices. It’s a work in progress.

Support for Windows Phones isn’t available, but then again, Nokia Maps is going to be integrated into Windows Phone devices soon enough.

Via [Ovi Blog]

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