Important update: Carbonite and Mac OS X Lion

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Carbonite Carbonite Mac users may not want to upgrade their OS just yet. The popular cloud backup service isn’t quite ready for Lion just yet.

Carbonite recently sent out an email to all Mac OS X users of the service, warning them not to upgrade to Lion right away. The company is working on getting Carbonite up and running on Lion, but it isn’t there quite yet. So, if you rely on Carbonite for backing up your data, you may want to hold off on the upgrade. If you already upgraded, you can still get to your files via your web browser, you just won’t be able to back up anything until an update is released.

This is actually a good rule of thumb when upgrading any new OS. Always check to make sure mission-critical programs are compatible. Backup, in particular, should be taken into consideration. Or, you could just go the short while without it, if you can.

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