RIM scoops up video editing company

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Anyone will tell you that one of RIM’s biggest problems is that it’s too old fashioned. The enterprise audience is a great market, but the general public wants more exciting products. RIM comes off as a stuffed-shirt professor that refuses to join the party. But it’s not over for RIM yet, and its latest acquisition could make a great addition to its devices. RIM has acquired JayCut, a video editing company out of Stockholm, Sweden.

Purchasing JayCut is a smart move on RIM’s part. So far, Apple has the most popular first-party video editing app for its devices. Since smartphones and tablets are capable of shooting full high definition video and can hold several gigs of data on memory cards, a video editing application for BlackBerry devices is the next logical step.

JayCut’s CEO can’t say what his team is working on inside RIM, but it obviously has something to do with video editing.

“We can stay creative and we get to focus solely on developing great video editing tools, which has the potential to be used by many millions of users,” wrote JayCut CEO Jonas Hombert in a blog post.

RIM backs that up in its own blog post by acknowledging that JayCut “is bringing their expertise in video editing and cloud-based services to the BlackBerry platform.”

Let’s hope RIM releases that video editing software before it’s too late.

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