Harry Potter books could be coming to Kindle

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When Pottermore launches this October, we’ll finally be able to read all the Harry Potter books digitally. There have been announcements of Rowling working with Google to bring the eBooks to Google Books, but there’s also some a good chance we’ll see the books make their way to Kindle.

According to an Amazon spokesperson that talked to Paid Content, Amazon is working with the people behind Pottermore to bring the books to the Kindle platform. Now the question is: will these ebooks be sold through the Amazon Kindle store, or will Pottermore simply give the option to download Kindle-friendly ebooks? There have been rumors that all the ebooks sold through Pottermore will be DRM-free, which would could mean the books will be available for download as Mobi-pocket files that will work on the Kindle.

It could also be possible that the ebooks will be available through the Kindle store as DRM-free files. According to Teleread, Amazon has been lenient with allowing DRM-free ebooks into the Kindle store as of late. If there’s one name that could make Amazon bend, it’d be Harry Potter. Before the Kindle 3, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows was the best selling product on Amazon ever. It’s hard to imagine Amazon not letting the Harry Potter books in without DRM after that sort of success. Not to mention the fact that it’d just be a nice policy to sell DRM-free books if that’s what the author wants.

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