Unknown Android slider expected to launch sometime with AT&T

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Unknown Samsung QWERTY Slider for AT&T

Could AT&T be preparing to launch a new flagship Android smartphone manufactured by Samsung? According to the exclusive image and information BGR received, Samsung’s working on a new QWERTY Slider device for launch on AT&T. Details are minimal at this point and we have no idea of the specs, pricing, or availability, but if it is going to be the next flagship device, we can make a few assumptions. For starters, the screen should be at least a 4 inch Super AMOLED Plus. Based on the image, it features a front facing camera and likely features a 5 or 8MP rear facing camera. It will likely run Android 2.3 with Samsung’s custom TouchWiz skin. In addition, it should feature a dual-core processor and perhaps 1GB of RAM. Hopefully, we will hear more details regarding specs and availability in the coming weeks from further leaks and rumors.

Via [BGR]

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