Clearwire rolls out new CLEAR Spot 4G hotspot modem and service

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If you own a netbook, notebook and other devices for gaming, entertainment, social media and for whatever purposes, you might want to check out Clearwire’s new CLEAR Spot 4G which was introduced just now. The CLEAR Spot 4G Apollo is a new personal hotspot offering super-fast speeds, unlimited 4G plans, and compatibility with your Wi-Fi enabled laptops, netbooks, smartphones, tablets and other supported devices. It can simultaneously connect up to eight Wi-Fi devices at 4G speeds of up to 3 to 6 mbps download speeds bursting up to 10 mbps. What’s good about CLEAR is that data usage is unlimited and not capped unlike what others are offering. It also does not require long-term service contracts. Unlimited 4G coverage from CLEAR usually starts from $35/mo. for home usage or $45/mo for mobile usage. You can also have these bundled together under Home and On-the-Go plans or Home and Voice plans for $55/mo.

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